The team!

We are all affected by the regeneration of the forests, indispensable for the ecological balance and source of oxygen for the decades and generations to come.

We are looking for our Ambassadors for the planet ...


Your mission, if you accept it, is:

  • to spread the word about the forest with
    • #runforplanet
    • #treesforsiberia
    • #15milliontreesforsiberia,

images and short videos to remind people of the beauty and importance  of the forests. We will be looking for testimonies throughout the World.

  • tell stories to your network and promote awareness of the project.  Find at least 10 people, who themselves become Ambassadors tasked with transmitting information to their networks.



To start collecting seeds as quickly as possible to start cutivating trees in 2021.

and receive information each week.

…YOUR friends!

Because we are going to select supporters for Patrick from October 2020.

The right profile?

  • availability
  • service oriented (to help and service our champion)
  • physically fit
  • or mechanical knowledge

are undeniable qualities!

To apply to be part of the support team:

We will first ask you to be our Ambassadors, daily representatives of our association and our ecological and sporting challenges. Thank you for introducing yourself and sending us your motivations to become this support person at this email address:

Logistical expenses of the support team will be covered.

… About us!

A team motivated by the need to preserve the environment, impatient to commit our energy and skills to the movement to fight global warming!

Association Loi 1901

Laure Ansart

President for France, Russian speaker, Marathon runner


With thousands of successful  contracts to her credit as head of her Communications Agency, Laure specialised in supporting French companies trading in Russia.


Her special relationships with public and private decision-makers from around thirty regions in Russia enable Laure to be fully implicated in the management of the project.


Oleg Georgievitch Tachaiev

President for Russia, 

English speaker

President of the Union of Agricultural Producers "RosselProf", developer of the federal project "Agrocard Route of Russia", Oleg Gueorguievitch is also very involved in humanitarian projects linked to the Red Cross of which he was the vice-president.

Author and director, he puts his contacts and his energy at the service of the double challenge, to bring it to the highest in Russia!

Patrick Malandain

Ultra runner, our witness to "eye level"


Patrick started running at the age of 30. A man of records, having traveled thousands of km "without a single day of rest", he took up this new challenge and put all his qualities of logistical organization, physical and mental performance, at the service of the Planet.


From April to October 2021, "each of his strides will plant a tree in Siberia ..."

Florence Venet

Artistic Director


Florence has put her creativity and graphic design expertise at the service of Run for Planet, because the meaning and the values represented by the project correspond perfectly with her own!



Yves Pliassoff

Bilingual Franco-Russian


A Financial Director in large international groups located between France and Russia. Yves is a French national and has lived in Russia for over 27 years.



Stéphane Lefèvre



Company Director in industrial organisation.  Russian speaker.  Long-distance trail runner.


Angelika Romanyutenko

Active member, Francophone, Anglophone 


Living in Moscow, TV, radio and press journalist, Francophile. Motivated by the importance of the issue for the Planet! Angelika opens her networks to us, actively participates in the organization and ... allows us to progress in Russian :-)

Thomas Ansart

Active member, environmental engineer


As a technical and logistical expert, Thomas's expatriation to Montreal facilitates contact with Canadian experts in the boreal forest. He is involved in social networks and particularly aware of major environmental incidents, which will have a huge impact on future generations.

Aurélien Pliassoff

Active member, marketing and communication strategist


Passionate about nature, plants, insects and trees, deeply convinced by individual responsibility and action, Aurélien puts his skills at the service of the Planet, in accordance with his ethics. He works for the development of French-speaking social networks.

Jean-Claude Plouhinec

Active member


Russophile and Russian speaking. Ready to commit for the planet!

Vincent Audureau

Active member

  1. Nature lover,
  2. Admirer of human exploits, especially in  sport,
  3. thoroughly committed to his professional, family and voluntary interests.

Eric Neirynck

Active member


Consultant, specialist in export to northern Europe, 

Dutch speaking.

Associating ecology with a sporting exploit

Embarking on a transcontinental journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sea of Japan, meeting people from Europe and Asia along the way, from West to East