A public and private impetus, thousands of donations which, combined, will make it possible to reforest tens of thousands of hectares of forest areas.

Our green lungs of the northern hemisphere. Oxygen for future generations.

A vital commitment for future generations

Les entreprises privées

Business leaders of all sizes are mobilizing for the future of the Planet.


  • Combine sport and ecology,
  • facilitate plantations in public forest areas,
  • mobilize their employees,
  • and encourage our runner, our witness, throughout his journey on their territory...


... They are with us!

Public structures

  • Communities open to the world and concerned with ensuring the best possible future of oxygen for all the inhabitants of the planet!
  • They pose as partners in the dual environmental and sporting challenge,
  • They understood that the project transcends borders and that it is urgent to have significant remedial actions on the environment.


We want to create a social movement which knows no boundaries.

YOU can participate in this movement and give a gift to the future.


Your participation will enable:

  • harvested seeds to be cultivated in greenhouses in Russia,
  • planting in virgin areas, a mix of species specially adapted to the chosen zone.

You will be kept informed of progress on the plantations and receive images of saplings. Then on our website, you can follow the evolution of the plots which over the years, become forests.


Your donations will allow the environmental project to move forward, step by step.

1st step: find and develop our land, in France.

These actions are being organised by our charitable Association 1901 situated in Lille.

If you are interested in collaborating in your country, get in touch!