Tens of millions of tree seeds planted in the community nursery

We donate 80% of the young trees produced by our actions

We are indeed planters... of tree seeds. We plan to give 80% of the young trees to tree planter associations, communities and farmers (re-creation of hedgerows).

In France, we are aiming for 6 million growing trees on 10 hectares. Visit the Run for Planet blog to find out all about the species planned for planting and the progress of our actions. 

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There is no other Planet.


If trees produced wifi... Everything would be done to protect them. But trees "only" produce oxygen and harbor "only" a biodiversity essential to human survival.

It's urgent to recreate carbon sinks and learn to massively reforest, with international knowledge and the best tools, by mixing tradition and innovation.

The forest is of incalculable value.

Every action, every effort, is essential because the challenge is monumental.

International expertise

Our expertise relies on that of the best international scientists.

Growing boreal forests is a tough business, under extreme conditions. We apply a Siberian business model to develop the French incubator. Several regions are targeted for the establishment of this incubator: Hauts-de-France where the association's current head office is located, Brittany, which is positioned on the project and the Grand Est, which is experiencing dramatic deforestation.
All the productions of our nursery will be replanted in Western Europe with priority for France.

Our project focuses on the biodiversity of the trees and the forests.

Reorganise the planting of damaged species, by selecting seeds and giving the best possible chance for young saplings to become mature trees; these are the important actions needed in the fight against global warming.

Tree growth follows a rigorous protocol, adapted to the growing region.

The regions where we set up the giant nurseries each have their own particular characteristics.

We adapt the planted species and growing methods to these regions. And, moreover, the trees that come out of these nurseries will be replanted in "spaces close" to these nurseries.

Our "business-plants"!

Our incubators welcome employees in difficulty. For economic reasons and to put them back on the path of re-socialization.

Our "business-plants" plans to donate 90% of the tree production to associations, communities and... farmers who will need to replenish the bocage of their farms.

These proportions may change over time. Each incubator must be launched by public and private financial partners, by patrons, foundations and by donations from citizens. We are aiming for quasi-autonomy of the nurseries, after 6 years of activity.

Information from April 2023. Various discussions are underway, particularly for France and in particular concerning the sale of our tree production in France. Anyway, we operate as a non-profit association. Each member of the Run for Planet association is committed, essentially "for tomorrow" and for future generations.

It's the future of the planet which is at stake.

We aim for international citizen cooperation

Because oxygen knows no borders.

  • Raise awareness of the challenges of this collaboration of expert experiences,
  • guide them towards more ecological collaboration…
  • and put people back at the center of these concerns

are among our priority objectives.

The sporting challenge is the added bonus of our project.

  • thousands of km running, so more than 20 million strides around the world...
  • tens of millions of tree seeds to plant over the years...
  • tens of millions of trees to donate...

Of course it's possible!!!.