Run to testify

To run on foot is to put yourself "at human height" to bear witness to the profound ecological changes of the Planet.

Tens of millions of strides are on the schedule...

5 ultra-runners, one per continent...

photo the.only.passenger

Our Ultra-Runner for Europe!

photo the.only.passenger

David Le Broch

David is a talented ultra-runner, who needs to take up challenges... "even more so if he is told that it is not possible!".

David is a fervent defender of the environment and he pushes very high the demands of protecting the Planet. He is fully invested in setting up the dual sporting and environmental challenge. He wishes to contribute to the rescue of our Planet by being an actor and not just a spectator.

Run David, Run!!!

The journey...

Millions strides for the Planet

The international health crisis and the closing of borders has forced us to adapt our projects.

In 2022, David traveled over 3,000 km for Run for Planet. The feat received little media coverage, but particularly affects us.

David had committed to it so he did this feat.

  • 3,000 km of roads and paths,
  • descents and…
  • climbs,

which were run "where he was", according to his professional schedule, because David ran "in the morning before going to work"...

Many km in Bretagne, of course.

All in autonomy, with its own means and without accompaniment.

A BIG THANK YOU to you, David, from the members of the association... and from the Planet!

David's 2023 schedule is under discussion.

Photo L. Queant

The Runner will be accompanied by…


  • amateur runners who will enjoy joining him over the days, often for a few hours...
  • maybe also bike followers-assistants?

All the funds collected by the association are dedicated to the French tree's nursery.

Documentaries, conferences

Proposed themes:

  • The state of the countryside and the northern part of our continent…
  • To transcend one's limits and at the same time, with great  humility, to experience encounters with people, animals, plants, mountains, plains, forests ...
  • To pit oneself against nature, against the heat of the Siberian Summer (!!!) and the daily challenge to reinvent oneself, to find solutions in order to keep going....

Run for Planet will be the subject of a blog and the stories of the 5 ultra-runners, on this website and on social networks.

They go to meet the inhabitants, the landscapes. They are our whistleblowers, the adventurers of the Planet.


They are models:

  • of self-transcendence,
  • exceptional human strength (physical and mental),
  • team spirit for such a journey,
  • ecology in the countries visited,
  • the spirit of adventure,
  • health aspects (regardless of age!!!)…
  • ...

Exciting conferences in perspective! For businesses and the general public.