The forest, the planet

When the forest burns, the whole World struggles for breath! And for a long time!

  • Amazonia
  • Australia
  • Africa,
  • Canada
  • Russia

No continent is spared by these mega fires, which have decimated millions of hectares of forests over the past 10 years.

We want to implement significant action for the re-development of forests in the northern hemisphere... for temperate and boreal forests. Our green lung.

Temperate and boreal forests

Let's share our knowledge to preserve the planet's forests.

The 2021 IPCC report is alarming.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change notes an increase in natural disasters, directly linked to climate change. The forest is an ecosystem in its own right, harboring a biodiversity essential to the survival of future generations.


Boreal forests are essential and irreplaceable carbon sinks. They grow slowly and are mainly composed of resinous trees. Temperate forests are our composed of deciduous broadleaved trees, which are very diverse.

Mobilized citizens, we decide to act now to preserve this biodiversity and learn how to "reforest on a large scale", according to original and effective schemes.

The forest suffers

Drought, climate change, insect attacks, storms and mega-fires are decimating European and Asian forests. The renewal conditions are very disturbed there.

In the sub-polar regions, the climate is changing 3 to 4 times faster than in the temperate regions of the planet.

We are all affected by climate change, which is leading to increasingly frequent, increasingly widespread and intense disasters and fires. It is an infernal spiral because the mega-fires release carbon dioxide and black carbon into the atmosphere which promote climate change. And climate change favors fires…

In 2023 as in 2022, we are concentrating our efforts on opening a French nursery, which will eventually house 5 to 6 million trees over 10 hectares.

Learning, growing and planting millions of trees are significant actions to slow down this downward spiral.