The forest, the planet

When the forest burns, the whole World struggles for breath! And for a long time!

  • Amazonia
  • Australia
  • Africa,
  • Canada
  • Russia

No continent is spared by these mega fires which, in 2019 and 2020, decimated millions of square miles of forest.

We want to put in place an important action for the redevelopment of the Russian forest. The green LUNGS of the northern hemisphere.

The Russian forest

is the largest forest in the World in the biggest country in the World.

It covers 3.3 million square miles

Compared to:

  • the Amazon rainforest covers 2.8 million square miles
  • and the European Union covers 620,000 square miles

The forest is home to different species of trees which are resistant to fire including Scots Pine and Siberian Larch.

Because of their slow growth rate, the forests of the far North stock twice as much carbon as the lush tropical forests.

The exceptionally long lifespan of these trees creates deep wells of carbon indispensable to the oxygen balance of the entire planet.

Siberia burns!

In Siberia forest fires are a natural phenomenon which enables the forest to renew itself.

In the sub-polar regions, the climate changes 3 or 4 times faster than anywhere else in the World.

These regions are particularly hard hit by global warming and the fires are more and more frequent, more and more widespread and more and more intense.  It's an infernal spiral because these mega fires liberate carbon dioxide and black carbon into the atmosphere which in turn, increases global warming.  And global warming increases forest fires ....

In 2019, 11.5 million square miles, an area the size of Belgium, went up in smoke in the Siberian forests. How much will burn in 2020?

Planting millions of trees is an important step to interrupt this infernal spiral of events.