Run to testify

7,750 miles and 15 million strides... To run on foot is to be at "chest height" to bear witness to the planet's profound ecological changes.

Our Runner

Patrick Malandain

A top athlete specializing in very long distance running, Patrick started running at the age of 30. Born in 1960 in Le Havre, in Normandy, initially a technical and commercial manager, this expert who converted to the dawn of his 45 years in the discipline known as "Ultra-Marathon" holds several unpredictable records, measured in thousands of kilometers without a single day of rest.

"I never ran" uselessly "; my inner experiences quickly became reference factors for others and for my family.


"I learned to humble, overcome, divide ... Today, this project will allow me to flee to the whole earth!"

Run Patrick, Run!!!

The course...

15 million strides

The international health crisis and the closing of borders, still relevant in January 2021, forced us to review the schedule of the race.

Departure in April 2022 from Montreuil sur Mer, from the Chartreuse de Neuville, for an arrival in September in Vladivostok.

  • 7,750 miles of road and track
  • downhill
  • and uphill...

which he will run averaging 26 miles a day....

...that is the equivalent of 300 marathon and 180 days to do it !!!! 

Discover the setting of the fabulous starting point of Patrick's challenge.

The Runner will be accompanied by…


  • amateur runners who will have the pleasure of joining as the days go by,
  • and a logistics team of 2 people who will be renewed regulary, with bikes and the support vehicle.

Documentaries, conferences

Proposed themes:

  • The state of the countryside and the northern part of our continent…
  • To transcend one's limits and at the same time, with great  humility, to experience encounters with people, animals, plants, mountains, plains, forests ...
  • To pit oneself against nature, against the heat of the Siberian Summer (!!!) and the daily challenge to reinvent oneself, to find solutions in order to keep going....

Run for Planet, 15 million trees for Siberia will be the subject of a multilingual documentary and our two adventurers - During the event, conferences will be organised on different subjects as:

  • exceeding our limits,
  • human strength (physical and mental)
  • team spirit required for such a project,
  • ecology in Northern Europe  "at chest height"
  • the spirit of adventure
  • fitness aspects (irrespective of age)…