A combined effort, Russian and French, thousands of donations which, together, will enable us to reafforest 84,000 acres of Russian forest starting in 2021.

Our green lungs of the northern hemisphere. Oxygen for future generations.

Entrepreneurial commitment

Russian enterprise

Leaders of small and medium-sized Russian businesses have launched the movement and have come together for the future of the planet.

  • linking sport and ecology
  • facilitating tree planting in public forests
  • collaborating with French teams
  • encouraging our runner, our witness, the length of his journey.

... They are with us!

French enterprise

  • Businesses open to the World around them and anxious to ensure clean air for all the inhabitants of the planet in future.
  • They have become partners of the project  « Run for Planet - 15 million trees for Siberia ».
  • They have understood that the project is not limited by borders and that there is an urgent need for important remedial action to be taken to save the environment.


We want to create a social movement which knows no boundaries.

From just 10 € you can participate in this movement and give a gift to the future.


Your participation will enable:

  • harvested seeds to be cultivated in greenhouses in Russia,
  • planting in virgin areas, a mix of species specially adapted to the chosen zone.

You will be kept informed of progress on the plantations and receive images of saplings. Then on our website, you can follow the evolution of the plots which over the years, become forests.


Your € 10 donation will buy 2,500 tree seeds in autumn, which will be cultivated and planted in Siberia.

These actions are being organised by our charitable Association 1901 situated in Lille.  We are creating a similar organisation in Russia in order to raise funds which will will be controlled by the High Authorities in Russia. Both organisations are currently in creation.